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Will Concern MULTIPURPOSE INSECT KILLER kill stink bugs on plants in both their early stages and when they are mature? Is there something better –and organic? Thanks, Amy

Stinkbugs are strong and in general, tough to kill. They have a natural type of “body armor” which makes them somewhat impervious to common insecticides because most sprays will “roll off” and not penetrate which is vital if it’s to succeed and kill them.

MULTIPURPOSE INSECT KILLER is the strongest organic spray we’ve found for vegetable gardens. Remember, not all sprays are labeled for use on plants that yield a crop for human consumption but this product is okay for such use and it works. Add to the tank mix some EXEMPT SPREADER STICKER and it will kill all stages within a day. The only shortcoming of this product is that it won’t last too long. This means if you don’t start treating early and allow a large population to develop, you will have to treat 2-3 times a week to get rid of them. Once under control, treating 2-3 times a month will usually keep the problem away.

Now if you don’t intend on treating plants that will yield vegetables or fruit, the BUG PATROL would be a stronger option and yet still be organic. It will work faster and last longer providing a good 1-2 weeks of residual. Since you weren’t clear on what type of plants you wanted to treat, I can’t answer you directly but the choice would be one of these two if you wanted an organic spray concentrate.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Multipurpose Insect Killer:

Spreader Sticker:

Bug Patrol:

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